Sunday, September 30, 2012

First Month Over

Am I really finished 10% of my first year? Well if I go by months, then yes I am. If I go by days that would be 17/196=.087 which means that actually only 8.7% of the year is done. That still seems like a lot already. I got my first paycheck. Wow!! That felt good.

So I've figured out that when I don't have a good lesson plan the students get frustrated which makes me frustrated which makes me angry and then I'm angry at the students and then nobody is happy. I hope my lesson plans for tomorrow work a little better.

I'm really really really fortunate. I was at a conference for new teachers this past weekend. I talked to a few people who weren't sure they would have a job after Christmas because their terms were ending.

I'm also really really really fortunate because I had a king sized bed all to myself for two nights. I slept really really really well.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Thank goodness the chiefs only play once a week. As you can tell form the picture, not much planning gets done during a game.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

7 Days Done, 189 To Go

First full week is done. I'm not gonna lie. It was a bit of a gong show at times. And then there were other times when I felt like this teaching thing is going to work. There are times when I'm all prepared the night before and times when I'm sort of prepared 5 min before. Tina keeps reminding me that I'm a first year teacher. I think I'm starting to get a handle on the split class thing. Think being the key word. I met some parents on Thursday night. It seems like they're excited for me to be here. At least I didn't have any complaints. I think the students are handling the change ok. It's a little tough for them at times because this year is I'm new. What seems to really stress me out are days like today when I want to get lots of work done but then life gets in the way. Like putting together an end table that arrived today or calling a plumber on a Saturday evening because there is a cracked pipe in our wall. ugh. Life would be a lot easier if it was just me. Wouldn't be nearly as much fun though.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Day Done

So my first day of teaching is done. I have a really great class. They are fun. Maybe a little chatty, but fun none the less. It was actually a pretty easy day. Once we start getting into actualy work though things may get a little tougher. I'm struggling a little. Ok a lot. This whole, splitting classes and having one group work while the other is being taught is a little overwhelming. Especially considering some of this stuff I've never taught or seen taught before. I think science is scaring me the most because every class combined. I want to do so much hands one but I also need work for students to do on their own. I don't want this feeling for the whole year. This stumbling around feeling like I don't know what I'm doing and that I'm not really teaching but just keeping students busy and that no one is benefiting from my being there and that the stuff I'm doing is stupid. I love these kids. I just want them to have the teacher they deserve. I don't feel like that right now. (geez louise and it's only the first day)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Night Before

It's the night before classes. I gotta say I don't feel a nervousness about tomorrow. I just feel this great heavy weight on me. It is the expectations of the year that loom over me waiting to smother me underneath it. Wow, it's daunting. I did have some encouragement the other day though. A student told me she was pumped for the start of the year. That makes me feel good. I don't know. I just don't feel ready. Maybe if we could start the school year in December? I'm trying to stay even keel right now. The thing is, when I get a little stressed I start overreacting to change. It's not good. Anyway, I think things will get better once the kids are at school. Then I can remember why I'm doing this.
Here goes nothing.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Five More Days

Wow, it's coming up so fast. I've been working hard getting the classroom ready. There was a bunch of stuff to move around and throw away and then get some materials for the walls. I'm now working on an opening day ppt and starting to get some lesson plans together. I also will be looking for mimio lesson plans 'cause on Thursday I got a little present from the tech department. And I didn't even request it! I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed right now but I have to keep telling myself. "I'm a first year teacher, I will not be perfect." Anyway, here are some pictures from my classroom.