Monday, August 9, 2010

A little Perspective

It's time to put life into a little perspective. The other week I was slightly disappointed with how much money I had made. I get paid piece work and there weren't as many pieces as I thought there might be. I still made $20 an hour. I talked to someone the next day. He was excited because he's moving to a different job that would pay $13.50. He has a kid on the way too. I should just be happy I have a job. I shake my head sometimes because I am sooooo lucky with the opportunity I have to work in Winnipeg, and have the flexibility in hours and days to work. I'm also lucky because we have family who look after our kids the days Tina and I are both working. It's been one of the biggest reasons we're still in Winkler. It's hard to leave that kind of support.
Food for Thought

Sunday, August 1, 2010

So It's Been A Month

Okay, so it's been a month since I've posted anything. Anyway. I thought I'd do an update on the garden, since that seems to be my favourite topic. So here we go.
This is sort of a general view of the garden from the NW corner. If you look hard (or view full screen) you'll see a lot of weeds. I hate weeds. Give them an inch and they'll take your yard. (that was bad I know)

These are the tomatoes. I'm very excited about the tomatoes because the last time we tried to grow some they didn't turn out very well. This year they are doing great. We'll even get tomatoes from those seeds I started in April. YAY!!!!
These are the peas. They don't look that great now but we got a lot of peas from these plants. I absolutely love fresh peas. So do the kids. I think we got 15 pales. Oh yeah, sweet fresh pea goodness. mmmmmmmmm

I think these are the pumpkins. This is kind of an obnoxious plant because it's trying to take over the tomatoes. Hard to tell how they will be but the plant is huge already.

Cucumbers. Tina loves cucumbers. But not so much that she will eat them all. Anyone want some cucumbers.?