Friday, September 18, 2009

Hey! What's Going On.

So, it's been a while but I'm back again to fill all three of you in on what's going on. School started last week. It's been an adjustment for me. I'm only in education classes this semester. No's a little depressing because I now rarely see all the incredible friends I've made over the last 2 years. bummer. The first couple of days I went to the theatre lounge to see if there were people there. Every once in a while there was. I came to the realization the other day that it was time to start hanging out in the Ed lounge since that's where I'll see the people I'm actually in class with. And they have more couches. And cleaner ones too. Griffin and Emi have both started school. Emi loves it, she comes home happy every day. Griffin is needing more of an adjustment. He handles change about as well as I do. If it were up to him he would have the same teacher and same classmates every year. The one complaint he does have is that he's not learning anything in math. It's too easy and he wants it to be harder! That's kind of funny. We busy into rehearsals for Pink Panther. I'm still trying to settle into my character. It's tough partly because the scenes are so short. I think some good "moments" have developed already though. And I'm teaching the tango. It will be my first choreo credit. That's just weird. That's about it. I finished two projects this week so I'm very happy about that. It will be nice to get that 10 foot ladder/plank off of the steps. Time to get supper ready. Weiner roast tonight.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

School Starts Tomorrow

So school starts tomorrow for all of us. (except Tina of course) I've been praying a lot (for me) lately for a number of things.

1. For Griffin and Emi who are both attending new schools.
2. For Griffin who is nervous about being a small fish in the big pond of middle years school.
3. For Me that I will not be frustrated with only straight lecture classes.
4. For Me that my practicum will be an uplifting and growing experience.
4. For safe travels for all of us.
5. For Tina as she gets the kids ready for school each morning. (Emi can be a handful)

I hate change. And the first day of school means the beginning of a new routine for all of us. Maybe by the end of the month I'll be happy again.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

End of Summer Report

Well seeing as Summer is over I thought I would do an end of summer report on the goals I had for this summer.
Comments are in red.

1. Go Fishing at least twice (maybe we'll even catch something)
Didn't happen. I suck at planning things
2. Find 10 geocaches
Found 5. Looked for four more at St. Vital Park but no dice.
3. Make many trips to the pool. (I need to make back what we paid for the season pass)
I'm pretty sure we made back what we paid but the summer was so crappy we didn't head out very often.
4. Have a golf game below 100. (Which means I actually have to golf)
I shot a 94 at Steinbach. I was very excited about that.
5. Memorize my lines. (I actually don't have much choice in this one since off book is July 6th)
Yeah I memorized my lines. Is it creepy to be checking out a nun as she walks away? (that was a reference to my character btw)
6. Finish 2 books.
I read Toll the Hounds. That was a 1200 page beast. I also just finished a book on CD. Does that count?
7. Host 2 or 3 parties.
I hosted one. Or at least tried to. It didn't work out as well as I had hoped. Not for lack of planning though.
8. Not play more than 1 hour of computer a day. (wishful thinking)
Yeah, didn't happen. I went through a rough time in early August.
9. Continue exercising. (wishful thinking)
Had I started?
10. Finish painting my dwarf army. (I doubt it)
11. Stain the shelves.
Almost done. Final coat of varathane goes on today.
12. Put the door jams on the bedroom.
yeah, not really
13. Build some more terrain for my warhammer table.
My mom gave me a package of trees to put together. That was fun.
14. Play 3 games of warhammer with someone other than Griffin.
Not even 1. Griffin and I have been playing some Lord of the Rings though. That was fun.
15. Go Fly a kite.
16. Play Settlers.
No. I think you actually need friends for that. Ok Friends you get together with.
17. Go to 2 Bomber games. (I think I'd need a job then)
I'm actually glad I haven't. If they get better maybe I'll go in October. Yes I'm a fairweather fan.
18. Get a job. (After July 25th)
Pleasant surprise of the summer. I worked one or two days a week with my dad insulating or drywalling houses. I made enough to pay off the fridge that died, the dehumidifier that died, car repairs plus more. Ugh, On monday I worked for 7 hours and then went for an oil change and had some other stuff done. Figured out that between the oil change and driving to Winnipeg I made about 7 dollars. That was a little depressing.