Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Can't Sleep

I shouldn't write a post after midnight. I'm bound to say something I shouldn't. I guess I just have to be extra careful before I hit "publish post". I am trying to be more positive. For some reason the wiring in my brain is configured in such a way that when things come up that irritate me the synapses that tend towards the cynical part of my brain fire. This part of the brain has many connections to the "that's not fair" section which is cross-wired with the "ooh that makes me so angry" section. Unfortunately these three sections can get control of my mouth and my typing fingers and from there bad things happen. I've tried installing a "sober second thought" device that is supposed to filter out most of this. Unfortunately there must be a bug in the system because it only seems to be partially effective. This has led to more use of the "crap I can't believe I did/said that" recovery system which seems to only work when "man, I'm useless" is already running.
"And here by the water, I'll build an altar to praise Him. Out of these stones that I've found here. I'll set them down here, rough as they are. Knowing You can make them Holy." Steve Bell
Rough as I am God can make me Holy. This is also known as the system reset. Only God knows how many times I've had to use that function. Only He doesn't keep track.