Thursday, June 10, 2010

What's New Again

So I figured it was time to update this blog again because it's been a while. I can't believe we're into the month of June already. Half way almost!!! I'm spending some time at home today so I'm finally able to post some pictures and let you know what's going on. Adam and Rhea and Lucas we're out last week. It was really good to see them again. Especially Lucas. He's very cute and is talking more and running around and very funny. I like little kids. In small doses at least. On the Wednesday Dad and Adam came out and we went golfing at Minnewasta in Morden. It was a gorgeous day and the course is in great shape. I was beating Dad by 1 stroke going into the last hole. He ended up beating me by 3 strokes. Maybe next time.
The garden is doing ok although I don't think the potatoes liked all the rain. There are a bunch that haven't come up yet. But the beans are doing great as per normal and we've actually managed to get cucumber plants to come up. The tomotoes have some blight but I'm dealing with that. Probably the most exciting thing is that we set up the garden right this year so that I can use the tiller in between the rows. That will definitely help keeping the weeds down and give me an excuse to use a piece of garden equipment that has a motor. It's more fun using things that make noise. Some how making an engine sound with my mouth while using a hoe or a rake just isn't the same.