Friday, April 27, 2012


Just sayn'

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Ok, I got a job.
It's been an overwhelming two days. It started with my interview yesterday morning. I thought it went ok, but as the day progressed I kept thinking about stuff I could have said that I didn't or did say that I shouldn't have. At 2:30pm when my Faculty Advisor came by for my evaluation she told me she had received a phone call from one of the principals who had a few questions. So I knew the process was moving ahead. This morning I got a call on my cell. The school division has been calling and I don't have caller ID, so I answered with my heart racing. It was Tina. Mini let down. (I always like talking to Tina). Then later this afternoon I got another call. It was Tina again. ugh. But this time she told I have a message to call one of the schools I had interviewed for. I told Duncan (my CT) I needed to go make a phone call but then decided I could wait the 7 minutes for the end of the school day. Longest 7 minutes of my life. So after school I gave the principal a call and he offered me a full time permanent position!!! After I got off the phone I called Tina and cried a bit and then I let the world know. It's been a process of faithfulness for the past 6 years. I pretty excited to have the next chapter begin.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Very Thankful

No I don't have a job. So don't ask.
This week I've had a chance to sit down and think my journey of 6 years from deciding to go to university to now where graduation and job searching are looming and underway respectively. I've been keenly aware of the number of people that have been a part of and helped me along. I'm going to refrain from using some names just because I feel a little weird about it. Anyway,
Tina, Emi and Griffin
These are the people who have been most impacted by this dealing with me, being gone.......a lot, being on the road........a lot, having the car......a lot, doing homework.......a lot, not having a steady job.......a lot, and being stressed out......more than i'd like to admit. They have been with me all the way with hugs and notes and encouragement. I could not have done this without Tina. She has been my sold rock of refuge when things have been tough.
On top of the many nights I have spent at my Mom and Dads there have been all the times Tina's mom and dad and brother and sister-in-law have been available to help get the kids to school or piano lessons or look after them after school until one of us got home. I think especially of the year the mom-in-laws came out to drive so that Emi could stay in dance. And when things have got a little tight money wise we've received help so our kids could still be involved in lessons and teams. What an incredible blessing they have been.
I have received nothing but encouragement from my long-time friends. And they have been around to help me out when I need a place to stay or hangout or even needed some work. Everyone has been very supportive and encouraging of this decision.
University Friends
I've met some really wonderful people during my 5 years at UofW. What can I say. It's made the university experience a lot of fun. I was a little scared going into university but I have never regretted the decision. I was so encouraged by so many people.
Co-operating Teachers and Faculty Advisors
I have received incredible support, encouragement and affirmation from the people I have come into contact with in the public school system. Especially from my CT's who have been so encouraging and helpful and wonderful. When things have been tough or overwhelming they have been a support. And my Faculty Advisors have been so encouraging and helpful as well. These are the people who have made me feel like I'm ready to get in the classroom.
The Students
To the students, even though you frustrate me and sometimes I don't understand you, you have been wonderful and confirmed 100% that the school is the place where I should be. You guys are awesome.