Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Amon Sul

I thought with all the stuff some of us have done with Lord of the Rings I would show you a little project I did over the Christmas break. SThis model that I built is of a ruined watchtower some of the characters spend the night at called Weathertop or Amon Sul. There is only a short reference to the ruined tower. For those of you reading or have read Fellowship of the Ring, the description is close to the end of the chapter with the title "A Knife in the Dark". I got the idea for the model from one of my gaming books. It actually has instructions on how to make the model.
This is the model after having done a lot of cutting out of styrofoam and foamboard. The tall pieces are just pieces of styrofoam that have been cut to look like rocks.
I've just begun painting at this point. You can see I've added some more ruined pillars in between the main walls. You may also notice some bumpy spots on the ground. This will be the dirt later on.
I'm a little further along with the painting here. It took a while to do because I didn't have a very good brush. (Can you see the spot of paint I got on the table? I did clean it up)
This is the model completely painted and the dirt areas done in brown as well. The model is actually painted with different shades of grey. After the initial coat I added some white to make a lighter grey and dry brushed it on. After that I added more white and did some more drybrushing. I did the same thing with the brown areas.
This is the model pretty much completed. You can see I've added grass to a few areas.
This is a close up of one of the areas. I forgot to mention that a smeared a putty like foam all over the model. That is also why there are a few bumps and ridges.
The statue blends in very nicely. I did not make it. It was part of another Lord of the Rings set I have.
And finally, what's a model without some models on it.
Thanks for reading this.