Thursday, April 30, 2009


So yesterday Griffin and I headed off to Winnipeg. Emilia (and Tina) would like to get a cat and we're pretty sure Griff is allergic so we got him checked out. It was a fun day of Dad and son. We talked about Warhammer almost the whole way to Winnipeg. If you don't know what I'm talking about I'll post a battle report sometime in the near future. I have the pictures all ready. So anyway he's definitely allergic to cats. Looks like there will be no kitty in this house anytime soon. After that we headed over to the school to check out my calculus mark. It's always funny bringing Griffin or Emi to the university because they loooooove the escalators. Well, actually we both do. I like them because I don't have to walk and they like them because they are sooooooo cool. So we made it up to the 6th floor and ......I gotta B! Holy Crap that was totally unexpected. That was before the Senate committee does their stuff so it could go up or down. Who cares, I don't have to take it next year. YAY!!!!!
This is me on the way home saying "look I passed Calculus".
Well the fun didn't stop there. I took Griffin to go see Raymond at Riverview Health Centre. Raymond was the pianist for my Musical Theatre Class. He had a stroke few weeks ago and is now in rehab. Those of you who know him are saying, "You took Griffin!!!". It was a lot of fun. The first thing Raymond asked Griffin was if he was a con artist like his dad. Griffin didn't know what a con artist was. I said he was because he is.

So from there we headed off to St. Vital mall for a little Monsters vs. Aliens 3D. It was very very very cool. I'm so glad we spent the cash to see it at Silver City. And there were only 4 other people in the theatre at the time. It was some good Dad/Griffin time.

After that (yes there is more) Griffin and I went to Games Workshop (the store that carries Warhammer). And Griffin decided he wanted to start his Vampire Counts army so he bought some skeletons. He can't wait to start putting them together when he gets back from school. Ugh, more models. I'll do a post of my Warhammer/LOTR inventory sometime. It's not pretty. So after that we headed home and now life is back to normal. It was a lot of fun. Griffin is growing up so much and I need to cherish these times we can spend together. All too soon he'll be on his own and probably not want anything to do with me.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I'm expecting this to be read by at most 3 people. (I think maybe that is ambitious). I don't have a job, I'm not volunteering right now but I am in a show and I do hang out with my daughter Emilia most afternoons. I've read some other blogs and they have actual substance and the people tend to pour out their feelings and such. I will likely end up doing that at some point. For now I spend my mornings memorizing my script and listening to ESPN radio. (def not at same time). In the afternoons I nap or play at the park with Emilia (def not at the same time) or play on the computer or paint models. By evening I make supper (I'm not a bad cook actually) and lament that 98% of my friends don't live in Winkler. Pretty much I'm in a bit of a "It sucks to be me" mode. Trying to look at the positives.

Things I can't wait for.
1. Flag Football season.
I love coaching Griffin's flag football team. Last year was sooooo much fun. It's one of those times I feel like the best Dad in the world. Griffin would say that's all the time but he doesn't know any better yet.
2. Tomorrow
So I can find out if I passed Calculus. please please please let me have passed.
3. Softball Season
I really want to coach a team next year so this year I'll content myself with watching.

Things on the go.
1. Pith! A show I'm in at the end of May
2. Grade 4 Voice Exam beginning of June
3. Painting my Dwarf Army. Hopefully I'll finish that by the end of summer.

Thanks for reading
(All 3 of you that is)