Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Zone of Proximal Development

I struggle with Zone of Proximal Development. When do I need to help a student and when should I let them struggle. I feel like they come to me for answers rather than help. One of the questions I hate the most is, "Mr. Kehler is this right?". I'd like them to take a risk and not necessarily worry about if they got it perfect right then. I keep trying to teach them that we learn by mistakes and I don't want to be holding their hands through all their work. They get frustrated because they think I'm not doing my job and I get frustrated because they I feel like they want me to justify all their answers. So I got back to my question. When is my helping helping and when is it robbing a student of the opportunity to work through a questions and learn from struggling. It's one of the things that causes friction in the classroom. Ugh, Teaching is so hard. And no I didn't think it would be easy!