Thursday, May 27, 2010

Griffin's Piano Recital

Griffin had his piano recital today. It is his third year playing. Tina and I were very proud of our little artistic performer with his hair flowing over the keys.

I was very impressed with the way he ended his songs, especially the first one. I think he likes being on stage. That's the impression I got anyway. I just hope we can keep him at it until he makes enough money to support us ;-)

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Garden

Most of my ancestors were farmers so I guess there is something in my blood that makes me want to work the land. So this last weekend I finally got out into the garden to do some work. As we can see below we have a fair sized garden. It took a while to get this all tilled. BTW I look really hot tilling without my shirt on. At least that's what she said. OH!!!!!!! Anyway, it was a hot day so it was nice to be outside. That green weedy area in the bottom lefthand corner is where the strawberries are. After I finished tilling I pulled weeds from there for an hour and a half.
Later that afternoon we started putting seeds into the ground. Emilia was a big help for Tina and I. She is so excited to plant a garden each year and loves helping. Especially watering. The first thing to do was get the rake out and smooth out the dirt. The measure the rows dig some grooves and start planting.
We got about half of the garden done. We'll maybe do more on Saturday. It's hard to see but there is some chicken wire fence on two rows. That's so the peas can grow up the fence which makes them much easier to pick. In all we planted 3 rows of potatoes a 1/4 row of garlic, 1/4 row of radishes, 4 rows of peas (we like peas) and 3 rows of beans (some pintos some green). We still have tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, peppers and pumpkins to do.
These are some tomatoes and peppers I started. The tomatoes in the foreground don't look so good. The peppers in the background look waaayyyy better but probably won't be ready in time.
Oh Well
At least I tried.