Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Dog Days of Summer

Well July is almost over and I must say it was pretty busy. The biggest thing was being in "Playing Doctor" with Poor Theatre Company. What a great time that was. There were a lot of talented actors who were a joy to hang out with and get to know. I'm pretty sure I'll be getting together with some of them in the coming months/years. (Josh you know I'm talking to you). It's too bad we were in the Kenmore Theatre. I'm never going to complain about the P.W. Enns again. Part of what made being a part of this production so good was that I got to see a different approach to doing some things such as programs and advertising. It also created a bridge that may see more Winkler people going to Morden or Morden people going to Winkler to do theatre. See, theatre can bring the world together. So that was a lot of evenings. I think I needed that. It's hard to spend the whole day with the kids and then the whole evening. I don't know how parents do this all the time. Let's just say I'm looking forward to school. Ummm, we also went to the Fringe Festival and saw 3 excellent shows. Two of them had a number of friends from the University of Winnipeg in them. They were so good and I'm sooooo proud of the work they put into the shows. They were both best of fest for their venues. Three people from flatlands also performed at the Fringe and good pretty good reviews. I was so excited to hear that they even sold out a few shows. So much pride for my friends. Well, now that the last show is over I'm already memorizing for the next one. Tina and I are performing for a Leisure Travel Van rally. It's a play we did for ACT Manitoba a few years ago. It will be fun to act with Tina again. We also have rehearsals for Pink Panther starting in August. It really does never stop. Oh Well.
Anyway, that's what's going on for now.
Viva Forever

Friday, July 17, 2009

An informal class reunion

Last Friday was interesting. I met with three people I haven't seen in about 14 years. I had lunch with Jenn Wiebe, Kim Coulter and Bonnie Goertzen. I'm using maiden names. I was in K-12 with Kim and Bonnie and K-2 and gr.5-12 with Jenn. It's amazing how you can just sit down with people and continue as if we'd just got together the week before. There weren't anyway akward ummmmms or soooooooooo, yah huh? moments. It was great. It's been too long. I can't believe it's been 17 years since I graduated. That's a long time. I'm rambling. Bonnie had to go back to work after lunch but the rest of us went for a walk. I probably could have gone on all afternoon. It was really nice and I think we should have a 20 year reunion. Or just try and get together with old classmates a little more often.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Another Openin' Another Show

If you recognize the title of the show I'm impressed. It's from the Cole Porter musical Kiss Me Kate. An old Broadway hit. There is one particular verse that is a part of me today. "Four weeks you rehearse and rehearse, three weeks and it couldn't be worse. One week will it ever be right. Then out of the hat, it's that big first night." I think we had our "three weeks and it couldn't be worse" this evening. In case you didn't know I'm doing a show in Morden at the end of the month called Playing Doctor. It's with Poor Theatre Company. It's a group that started off as university students but now they've all gotten older (or most) and have opened up to old people like me. It's a really fun group and I'm having a great time. Well this evening was the rehearsal where things seem to go really slow and scenes are getting repeated and my lines aren't memorized and others aren't either and cues are missed and you think this show will never be ready. I'm not worried though. We went through the same thing with Little Women. In fact I remember one cast member saying "this show is going to be crap" they were so frustrated. That was a whole week and a half before opening. It's amazing how much shows come together in that time. So I'm not going to stress. In the words or my dear friend Bernie I'm going to sit back and enjoy a batch of doughy cookies.