Sunday, April 10, 2011

Not Much

Griff and I headed off to Games Workshop in Winnipeg on Saturday. We had a pretty good time. We were playing a Lord of the Rings Scenario that took place in Ithilien. I was on the good side playing Rohan and Griffin was on the evil side playing with Isengard. There were four people on each team. On my team were 2 elf armies, 1 army with elves and army of the dead and myself and on the evil side there was Hardad, Mordor and easterlings along with Griff's Isengard. It was a tonne of fun and now Griffin is totally pumped about LOTR. Yay. I also picked up a little goody with some birthday money.
It's the model on the left. A Balrog!! I included the other model just so you could see how big the model is. Yes!!! I can't wait to paint it. Anyway, I'll post a picture or too from my birthday. For some reason I can't upload them right now.