Sunday, January 5, 2014

A New Year

That's a really lame title for a blog post but I'm going with it anyway because I'm going to try and pour some of my creative energy into this blog instead. It's been a really good Christmas break. In fact, I've actually felt like it's lasted two weeks, unlike other times when I've wondered where all the time is gone. I fell refreshed and I hope the students do too. I know, we were all ready for a break. For me, it's been a time to reset and get my feet back on the ground, if you will.
Things I'm look forward to:
Basketball Season
I'm coaching (helping) hoops for the first time. I love the sport, I enjoy watching it and I enjoy playing pick up games when my lungs won't give out on me. More on that later. I went to a clinic in October and have been busy working on drills for tomorrow. We only have three practices until our first game. I'm pumped to be back into coaching. I've missed it.
New Students
Ok, they're not exactly new, they three students were here last year but have not been at school since September. I know there will a little (lot) of catch up that needs to happen but I'm excited to see them back.
As great as it has been to stay up till 12:30am every night and get up at 9am, I'm looking forward to us all getting back into a daily and weekly routine.
Other Stuff
I'm busy getting ready for the Manitoba Games in Winkler. I'm going to be doing Rick Mercer style updates for the Games committee including goofy interviews and, of course, a rant. We want to get some pre-games videos up soon so I'll be sure to let you know where to find them. Griffin's ski season starts soon. He has improved so much since last year. I'm curious to see how his times compare.
That's about it for now. (oh ya, I'm turning 40 this year)

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